LayerVault helps designers produce better work.

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Be Organized.

One organized place to securely store all your creative assets.


Whether using LayerVault Sync or Dropbox, we store and organize your design work. No desktop interface or command line.

Files & Folders

Your naming conventions and folder trees just contribute to file mess. LayerVault provides a lightweight structure for organizing work.

A La Carte

Our LayerVault app syncs only the projects you need. Intelligent Sync allows your team to store entirely different sets of projects and files.

The old way

  • Messy naming conventions
  • Shared network drives
  • Subversion


  • One central LayerVault repository. Accessible to everyone, simplified, and organized without the effort.

Work Fearlessly.

An unlimited history of saves means trying new ideas.

Every Version

Every save made to every file, ever. LayerVault offers unlimited undos and the convenience of never having to back up old versions.


LayerVault is a parachute, there to save you when you need old versions, apps crash, or your accidentally flatten a file and hit save.

Revision Links

Sharing the entire timeline of a design is great, but Revision Links are useful if you just want to share one of your edits.

Pages & Artboards

Whether it’s an Adobe Illustrator artboard or PDF Pages, we can handle it. LayerVault supports multi-page files.

The old way

  • Design-final.psd
  • Subversion
  • Nothing at all


  • The latest copy of files on your machine and every previous version stored by LayerVault.

Collaboration is not a comment box. It’s showing the story of your decisions.

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Communicate Better.

Discussions around the story of a design.

Story Telling

Good designers don’t just show finished work, they explain their thinking. LayerVault shares the story of a design process.

Conversations in LayerVault happen beside a visual timeline of changes. Rather than describing your process, participants can see it. LayerVault allows you tell the story of your choices.

Resolve Issues

Every thread in LayerVault is an actionable piece of feedback. Mark discussions as "Resolved" and project members are notified.

Email Compatible

LayerVault keeps conversations inside your inbox. If you’re feeling lazy, respond to emails instead of opening your web browser.

The old way

  • Showing only final drafts
  • Marking up printouts
  • Long email threads


  • Threaded conversations that happen around thought processes made visible.

Present designs on your own domain name and with your own branding.

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Look Brilliant.

Clutter-free presentation of design work.


Design presentation is about showing the work, and just the work. LayerVault gets out of the way and lets design speak for itself, without extra interfaces that distract from what’s really important.


Presentations are available at their own sharable URLs. Easily configure them to fit your sharing needs with password protection and your own domain name.

The old way

  • Emailing attachments around
  • Screensharing with clients
  • Print-ups and PDFs


  • A customized yet minimal presentation, ready to share and optionally password protected.
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