LayerVault shapes the world with better design. We give creative professionals the tools and support to work smarter and improve the mastery of their craft.

Our Team

Allan Grinshtein
Kelly Sutton
Ryan LeFevre
Rob Grant
Dan Marren
David Tannenbaum
John McDowall
Matt Thomas
Andrew McCarthy
Tim Coulter
Rob Gormley
Matt Achariam



Designer News API

After months of it being the most-requested feature on the site, we released the Designer News API.


Delivery 2.0

A big update to Delivery, making building and sharing Presentations easier, prettier, and more powerful.

Dropbox Sync Support

For the first time ever, you can now work out of Dropbox and get all of the magic of LayerVault.

The LayerVault API

With the LayerVault API, you can build fully-functional applications on top of LayerVault.

LayerVault Enterprise

We release our on-premise, self-hosted version of LayerVault. The enterprise version of LayerVault is essentially "LayerVault in a box".

Delivery: A New Service

Delivery is all about the presentation of your work, and just your work. That means no LayerVault branding and no extra chrome. It’s clutter-free, dead simple, and you won’t need to be a LayerVault user to build a Delivery.

Designer News Digest

We launch Designer News Digest, a weekly newsletter that sends the week’s best 5 stories in Design.

Designer News 2.0

Designer News gets a big update to its design, adding tons of much-requested features.

Opening up the PSD file format

After years of developing an institutional knowledge of how to work with PSD documents, we released an open-source library for working with PSDs called PSD.rb.

Open Source Design

We created a way for designers to work out in the open and allow others to fork their work.

LayerVault for iOS

We released a great iOS app for previewing LayerVault designs in realtime.

Progressive Reduction

We wrote about a usability technique we use called Progressive Reduction and then we wrote about how we implement it.

Designer News

We launched a community that now reaches hundreds of thousands of designers called Designer News.


The Flat Design Era

We write a little blog post that coins the term "Flat Design" and ignites a debate the continues to this day.


We launch a directory of our open source projects.

LayerVault 2

Our second version of LayerVault, laying the groundwork for the LayerVault of today.


We’re LayerVault

We take LayerVault out of closed beta and we allow the public to start registering.

First commit

Allan needs something that versions his design files and Kelly builds something that works, for the moment.


Designer News A community centered around the most interesting things happening in design.

Cosmos A showcase of LayerVault’s best open-source projects.

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